For example: (The url will be crawled for links and the resulting urls tested)

Full website speed testing with Lighthouse

Batch Speed is a bulk page speed checker that uses Google's Page Speed API.
The tool crawls websites, sitemaps or lists of urls before speed testing the resulting urls.
View and export desktop and mobile speed scores and improvements.

Speeding up page load times improves website user experience and SEO ranking.
Batch Speed makes it easy to identify slow pages and prioritise your speed improvements.

Version History

Added SSL, fixed CSV export, improved reliability
Now uses Google Page Speed v5 (Lighthouse)
Fixed sitemap crawler.
Filter out external and invalid links. Table links open in new window.
Fixed incorrect mobile speed score issue.
Style updates and fixed font loading.
Initial launch.

Many thanks for everyone who has sent me comments, bugs and suggestions!
Any feedback is really useful for future development of this tool.

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